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Funny how this seems to fly in the face of the really quick "WinBuildSend" campaign. I think sometimes CCC forgets that "time" is in our own growth model.

This is really, really important and really, really good. Thanks for posting it.

A related adage I've heard that I like to pass on to new guys and gals in college ministry is that you'll be surprised at what you don't get accomplished in one year, and what you DO get accomplished in five.


I hear you. I think there is value in a short campus campaign, while at the same time keeping a long view in mind. If we do that, it puts those short campaigns in perspective.

See you in a couple days in Denver!


Hey Bob, you're going to Denver? Great, i'll be there too. I really appreciate this post... What do you think about the tension of bringing people into decision-making, but also being willing to establish a vision that we call people into, when some don't want to, or aren't really able to think critically and help make the decisions? See you soon -Dave

Great question Dave! The simplest answer is that you need to bring the right people in on the right decisions at the right time. For example, your freshmen won't be able to think critically about your small group structure, but they would do a great job thinking through how to create a bonded freshmen class.

It's more art than science in leading. The challenge is to learn from your mistakes on either end of the involvement spectrum and adjust accordingly.

hey bob, this was a really cool post--i think the buy-in idea is very important for any organization, whether it be cru or even big companies.

although, i do have to say, there is something to be said about trudging though when you're right, even if there are disagreements.

hope you're doing well!


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